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HIGHEST (greatest change in altitude)

1RaceMedic14725 feetplaneCCT Air1 Flight 2
2JBreckeen13531 feetplaneSteep turns
3Forest10539 feetplaneDKI to CS
4knight45310437 feetplaneNight flight
5mkromeke8895 feetballoonSkyDive NM Balloon Event 2013
6Forest8412 feetplaneFirst Try
7JPFly8262 feetplane04-06-2011 - training zone
8N1802V8166 feetplaneCPT to T82 to 5C1
9currahee7664 feetplanePreparing for FAA Flight Exam
10gabx7428 feetplaneMy hood Work First time


1CDC175508 km/hplaneCross Country to Gainesville
2jgcertified492 km/hplaneFlying out of Moorabbin
3chal491 km/hplaneAnother sunset flight with friends
4CDC175490 km/hplaneDual flight KDAB - South Practice Area
5rietpetiet490 km/hplaneShort flight in Chicago
6RaceMedic487 km/hplaneCCT Air1 Flight 2
7Snuffleupagus483 km/hplane1st with gpslogbook
8cyxd001478 km/hplaneDec 18-09 Training flight
9chal476 km/hplaneA quick check in Cessna 172


1JPFly4583 kmplane04-06-2011 - training zone
2rakend1347 kmplanekevs flight
3JBreckeen941 kmplaneSteep turns
4rakend937 kmplaneKVarmon
5CGEXU878 kmplaneEdenvale trip
6rakend848 kmplaneATP Moruya
7RaceMedic787 kmplaneCCT Air1 Flight 2
8JBreckeen726 kmplaneKSPG - N99344 - BFR IPC
9chrishaag616 kmplanePPL Pre-Test 1 YBAF - SPMT - LEYBURN - YPWH - WYR - GON - YBAF
10FlyBoyFryer569 kmplaneFBF 03112010

GREATEST RATE OF DESCENT (over a 6 second period)

1JBreckeen98273 ft/minplaneSteep turns
2gabx35395 ft/minplaneMy hood Work First time
3currahee34352 ft/minplaneFinal Solo cross country before FAA Flight Exam
4Forest31498 ft/minplaneFirst Try
5JBreckeen18465 ft/minplaneKSPG - N1516V
6JBreckeen18199 ft/minplaneKSPG - N99344 - BFR IPC
7rakend17865 ft/minplanekevs flight
8N23DM13072 ft/minplaneplan view cinquo de mayo
9knight4537363 ft/minplaneknight453a
10Redbaron6237 ft/minplanepattern work flight with Anandi

GREATEST RATE OF CLIMB (over a 6 second period)

1mkromeke42351 ft/minballoonSkyDive NM Balloon Event 2013
2gabx35599 ft/minplaneMy hood Work First time
3subtone23831 ft/minplaneB010
4currahee23104 ft/minplaneFinal Solo cross country before FAA Flight Exam
5JBreckeen18384 ft/minplaneSteep turns
6rakend13186 ft/minplaneKVarmon
7JBreckeen10332 ft/minplaneKSPG - N99344 - BFR IPC
8N1802V8029 ft/minplaneCPT to T82 to 5C1
9maelman7203 ft/minplaneDaddy helping his favorite son
10mkromeke6927 ft/minballoonAAAA Friends and Lover Rally